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We are passionate about promoting the importance of mental health and helping others get the professional mental health services they need.
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Who We Are

RESILIENCE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH LLC works to address the need for professional, ethical, and solid services in Central Florida. Our team provides quality mental and behavioral health services to patients of various ages, from children to older adults. We strive to help them get the treatment they need and understand the importance of mental health better. Our dedication is to our clients. Therefore, we continuously uphold professional services and clinical boundaries to make every encounter comfortable, positive, and insightful.

When it comes to your mental or behavioral health needs, choose RESILIENCE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH to be your partner today!

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Our Mission

We strive to: I C.A.R.E
Inspire compassion, encourage acceptance, improve respect, and provide empowerment for individuals and their families, so they understand mental health and the mind-body connection between mental and physical health.

  • Improve the families understanding of mental health
  • Compassion towards the families and children we serve
  • Acceptance of everyone’s right to compassionate care
  • Respect for everyone’s unique path towards their own healing and growing
  • Empowerment for everyone to have a voice and participate in their own care

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide culturally competent, holistic, and wellness-focused behavioral services that promote and facilitate the healing of children and families’ social-emotional development and well-being.

Our Core Values

Our Values are the set of core beliefs that guide our actions and behavior. We live our values – they influence the way we treat our clients, engage with all our participants and the way we work, and interact with our colleagues, both within and outside of RESILIENCE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH.

  • Every person, regardless of their disability, race, ethnicity, gender, age, economic status, or sexual orientation, has the right to full potential in our society, the right to be treated with compassion, respect, and dignity, free from stigma and prejudice.
  • Mental health is essential to personal wellbeing and fundamental to achieving a healthy, balanced, and productive life.
  • Treatment offers a powerful return on investment and works if used appropriately. With treatment options, what was only hope in the past is quickly becoming a reality. We will persistently advocate for treatment and services for those who need them.
  • Unless we promote community understanding of mental illness, plus tolerance and acceptance of people living with the illness, people will continue to avoid talking about mental illness and seeking help.
  • The goal of treatment is recovery, and it is important for those with a mental illness to be an integral part of their recovery process – decisions, programs, support groups, and medication regimens.
  • We fulfill our mission most effectively when we collaborate with others and actively look for partners to achieve our goals.
  • We recognize the achievement of our vision depending on the combined dedication, creativity, and compassion of our staff, Board of Directors, volunteers, partners, and those we serve.

Meet Our Staff

We have qualified staff that is trained and licensed to address your mental and behavioral health struggles. They are dedicated to providing you customized treatments that will allow you to overcome the challenges of your condition and live your life fully with nurturing relationships and better mental well-being. Learn about the people who will be in charge of your care.

Our Counselors 

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Carmen Ziers LMH13977

Carmen Ziers LMH-13977 has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCF and two master’s degrees from Palm Beach Atlantic University dual track for Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family counseling.

Carmen has worked with individuals, families and their children to help resolve their issues due to negative behaviors, and obtain a new and different outlook at school, home, and their communities since 2012.

Carmen has ample experience with Exceptional Children and the Public-School System. She works with the families and the schools to explain to the parents the diagnosis process, school placement, as well as assists in explaining to the parent the 504 programs, writing their children’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Carmen was a counselor at UCF in the department of Marriage and Families Research Institute. She worked at the institute for 10 years as a Relationship Educator since 2007 until 2016, helping couples, families and individuals develop positive ways of communicating between them and with their children helping the families thrive.

More recently Carmen was the Clinical Director at a Behavioral Health agency where she saw over 700 families during her tenure and managed 18 clinicians at any given time.

If you want to know more about our professionals, feel free to set an appointment with us today.